Making The Most Of A Backyard Remodeling Contractor In El Dorado Hills CA

When it comes time to beautify the backyard and get it looking wonderfully green all summer long, you should follow a few basic steps. As the most qualified backyard remodeling contractor in El Dorado Hills CA, we can help you add some color to your surroundings. Planting a large flower garden will be enthralling for the whole family.

We’ll first draw up a general design blueprint so that you know how much space you have to work with. Armed with the knowledge of your available square footage, you can begin drawing up plans for different sections. The goal is to create a tapestry of tones with large flowers in the back and smaller ones near the border in the front.

Rose bushes are stand-alone plants that can nevertheless be the high point of your garden. Plant them near sidewalks and rock gardens so that guests can admire them as they take an evening walk in the greenery. Rose bushes are relatively easy to care for once they are a few years old.

We can give you advice on which bulbs to put in the ground in autumn and when to plant them. Daffodils and tulips will generally do well anywhere and do not require much maintenance. Other flowers, such as day lilies, can also be started from bulbs.

We can also help you devote a large part of your garden to perennials. Perennials will come back year after year and, once established, will bloom throughout the warm months. Shasta daisies and milk-weed are two interesting species that do well in warmer climates.

You can ultimately rely on us for projects of varying sizes. Whether you want to completely remodel the backyard or tweak the landscape here and there, our workers will get the job done. Contact us at your convenience for a quote.