Everything You Need To Know About Landscape Design-build Contractors In Folsom CA

Are you considering undertaking a landscaping project? Greenheart Landscape Design and Construction is the best firm to go to when you want the project streamlined. We come as a single contractual entity that provides both the design and installation services. Landscape design-build contractors in Folsom CA, will simplify the construction process. Here are some advantages you will enjoy when you hire us.

The project will move quickly since one entity is handling all the phases of your project. All pathways and patio services are done in-house, thereby acquiring efficiencies when it comes to cost savings. In addition, we have top of the art designers and landscapers who understand and align your vision and goals as they can see things from a different perspective.

The experience garnered over the years has helped us be knowledgeable regarding the new construction methods. We understand the effective building procedures and work-flow involved when staging a landscaping project properly. We also provide our estimate at the first phase during the consultation so there would be no unexpected fee along the way.

Over the years, we have a foster strong working relationship with local wholesale nurseries together with suppliers. We order supplies and plants regularly, which has made us aware of the availability of different plants. As a result, we know which plant to go for that is available in large quantities if we wish to execute the project fast.

To get quality hardscaping services, you must work with a licensed and bonded firm. It assures you that the landscapers have had the best training and are authorized to operate. It also gives you a safety net when things are not done as expected, which rarely happens. A surety bond enables you to get a refund or service repeated when not done adequately. Reach out to us today for a free quote.