Hidden Tips For Excellent Hardscape Installation In El Dorado Hills CA

The appearance of the outdoor environment comes with a lot of influence when dictating the overall image of a residence or a business center. The attention given to the patios at any property must thus be enough to halt any move that may compromise the aesthetics of the outdoor environment. For an excellent look, using poured concrete remains the best and most timeless option for you. However, you need the help of the right professionals to install the concrete appropriately. The rest of this post focuses on enlightening you on the little-known tips for a perfect hardscape installation in El Dorado Hills CA.

Establish a Proper Drainage

Professional patio installers will always advise homeowners to install new concrete pads with a perfect drainage system. The system helps clear the rainwater that may otherwise damage the patios when left to collect for a prolonged period. Luckily, our highly experienced installers will set up your patios with the appropriate inclination and drain channels to prevent any damage to the paving structures.

Prevent the Growth of Weed

You may never like to imagine seeing your patios full of weeds after a rainy season. Such a scenario is bound to happen when the paving on your patios is not done right. As your ideal hardscape design and installation experts, we begin the process by placing geotextile fabric between sand and soil under the pavers. The special cloth prevents weeds from growing between the joints of your pavers. We also put polymeric sand containing silica between joints, which act as a binding agent when mixed with water to stop weed growth.

Keep Extra Pavers

After installing the paver patios, we always advise our clients to store a few pavers for potential remodeling in the future. At some point, a paver may crack irreparably, and a replacement will be the only way out to restore the aesthetics. At such a moment, the pavers that you stored will be of great help and shield you from the undue expenditure.

Work with Professional Installers.

Choosing the right materials for use during a patio paving project may be challenging when you lack the requisite expertise. At Greenheart Landscape Design & Construction, we help our clients choose the right paving materials for all types of patios. We are just a call away whenever you need hardscaping contractors near me. Our experts have the right knowledge and training to use various tools to install any paving project. It is thus imperative to outsource the services of professionals in this field for durable and quality patios.