Services Of A Landscape Contractor In Folsom CA

When it comes to comfortable and stylish living, most people focus on the inside of their homes. This means that the front and back yards often get neglected and are underutilized. Thankfully, it does not have to be that way. We here at Greenheart Landscape Design & Construction have the best landscape contractor in Folsom CA services to help you turn your unused outdoor space into a gorgeous and functional space you will want to spend all your waking hours in.

While our designers would be happy to come up with a plan to utilize your space, you are the one who should be choosing all of the elements. We can sit down with you and discuss what you desire. We will also have to see the property and take some measurements to make sure everything you want will fit in.

We do more than just plants, trees and lawns. We can even design a full garden for you, whether you want a traditional in-ground garden or one with raised beds or even containers in tighter spaces. Since California is so sunny most of the year, we can also find shade solutions for you so that you can avoid dangerous UV rays and enjoy your yard on the brightest of days.

If you have a stressful job, it is great to come home and unwind. One of the best ways to do that is to create a tranquility zone in your yard. This is a quiet area where you can sit and read, ponder, meditate or do yoga. Things that make you calm and happy can be installed such as lavender plants or a certain flower that you love.

No matter what job you need done, we here at Greenheart Landscaping always have an eye towards water conservation. So much of California is a desert and does not get a ton of rain each year, which can lead to water shortages. We can design a landscape that conserves as much water as possible and is fully sustainable.