A Look At Landscape Design In Cameron Park

Improving the appearance of your property will usually require a bit of advice from the professionals. If you are interested in landscape design in Cameron Park, we can help you develop an action plan that can be tweaked as the project moves forward. You’ll end up with an outdoor area that is elegant and useful at the same time.

If you have been dealing with a stubbornly brown lawn for a long time, there are a few things you can do to turn it green again. Adding some much-needed fertilizer at regular intervals will help you accomplish this task. We can also replant areas of the yard with grass seed varieties that might be more appropriate for the local climate.

Adding a small flower garden or vegetable garden to the side of the house can jazz up the property’s appearance and infuse color into the yard. If you are a flower lover, you can choose between a variety of annual and perennial plants. While some people will be happy with a few rose bushes, others might choose to plant a long row of sunflowers along the sidewalk that will tower over the yard during the height of summer.

Consider possibly installing a rock garden with a small fountain. If you are looking for something peaceful, the sound of running water could hit the spot. Elegant miniature fountains can be built for bargain prices.

We’ll also be perfectly happy to truck in extra soil and mulch for drier areas. Mulch, in fact, will help plants continue to perform well when it’s hot. We use only high-quality materials from trusted suppliers.

You can ultimately rebuild your property anyway you like. Whether you want a green lawn or a flower garden, we’ve got the chops to make it happen. You’ll be very pleased indeed with the results.