Leading Landscape Designer In Folsom CA Outlines The Rules Of Installing Garden Lighting

One of the easiest ways to enhance the functionality of a landscape is by installing garden lighting. A proper plan will ensure that your yard is functional during the night. Good lighting also plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall beauty of your outdoors. If you need a skilled landscape designer in Folsom CA who can help you create a breathtaking outdoor illumination design, Greenheart Landscape Design & Construction can help you out.

There are a few fundamental rules that must be adhered to when installing garden lighting. First, it is always a fantastic idea to use small lights. Depending on the amount of square footage you have, you may feel tempted to use one lamp to light a whole area. This will, unfortunately, not do a great job of boosting the aesthetics and function of the yard.

One big lamp is likely to create unwanted glare, meaning that only certain parts of the yard will be illuminated. The best way to go about this is to use a series of small lamps. This will give each area soft yet adequate lighting and eliminate unattractive glare. Another important rule you must not overlook is to plan from your indoors.

We believe that a good landscape design will make your outdoors a beautiful extension of your interiors. That is why we find it vital not to plan solely from an outdoor perspective. It is of paramount importance to also consider how your lighting will look like from inside the house. In case some of your windows face the yard, for instance, visualize how your garden lights will look like from the interior view.

At Greenheart Landscape Design & Construction, we have an in-depth understanding of landscape designing. Our seasoned contractors can help you come up with a lighting scheme that will look magnificent from all angles. Before choosing to install a lamp close to your front door, for example, we have to visualize how the light will hit the patio and immediate walkways.

Garden lighting design is a complex topic. There is more to getting the right design than simply installing lamps around areas that need illumination. During a project, we also take the time to select the fixtures to use carefully. To create balance, the right fixtures will not appear too big or too small compared to the available space.

Lights are simple features. However, they have the power to make all the big difference in the curb appeal and functions of your yard. We will ensure that all lighting fixtures are strategically positioned to create something more than a simplistic or dull design.