Why You Need A Professional Landscape Designer In Rancho Cordova CA

For many homeowners, they have a mental image of the way they want the area surrounding their homes to look. It may resemble images they have seen pictured online, or in a magazine, or it may be something uniquely fitting their ideas and interests. The problem with such images, no matter how simple or complex they are, is that the amateur simply doesn’t know how to create what is in his or her mental images. For this, you need us, a top landscape designer in Rancho Cordova CA.

Creating a dream relies on a combination of color, textures, upkeep and health of your plants. When we translate a bare or overgrown space surrounding your house, we do more than mark ‘X’s’ on a piece of graph paper. We carefully consider every aspect of the plot of land which we are working with.

California has a variety of regions, so our designers ensure that the plants which are selected are those which are most suitable for your particular soil type and condition, water requirements and shade needs. While you may like the looks of a lush tropical forest, it may be necessary to look for alternative plants which will give the same ambiance but will grow well in our climate.

One thing that you can depend on when designing a greenscape is that healthy plants get bigger and wider. The designers will consider how the selection of greenery will change over time as various plants mature. This is important for the amount of sunlight each plant receives, as well as the moisture requirements.

Some property owners want their property to look great, but don’t have the time or the inclination to spend all of their free time caring for lawns, trees, shrubs and flower beds. Low maintenance plants are important to these clients. We can accommodate a ‘set-and-forget’ client as well as one who enjoys nothing more than taking care of the greenery needs around their residence.