Learn The Tips And Tricks To Establish A Drought-Resistant Landscape Design In El Dorado Hills CA

If you reside in dry areas or regions that experience extended hot weather seasons, you should plan to establish drought-resistant lawns. Plants that are tolerant to water scarcity thrive well under such climatic conditions. Embracing such lawns help you to save water and enjoy a green, drought tolerant landscaping design even during hot and dry weather conditions. The rest of the post introduces you to top tips and tricks to achieving a perfect drought-resistant landscape design in El Dorado Hills CA.

Choose Native Plants

Setting up a landscape with native plants thrives well due to excellent tolerance to prevailing climatic conditions in the area. Such plants are well accustomed to weather in El Dorado Hills, CA, and successfully flourish in it. Our experts also assist in designing landscapes with favorable plants such as succulents and cacti that are known to resist dry weather. Visit us for pre home purchase landscape consultation to help you select plants based on our assessment report that we gather from your yard.

Pea Gravel

We embrace the use of pea gravel to cover the landscapes on your driveways, sidewalks, and transitions in the backyard. These are pea-sized stones resulting from natural weathering near water bodies. Our experts use these stones and cover your landscapes to suppress weed growth, save water and retain moisture since they do not decay like organic mulch. We design your yards with these landscaping ideas to conserve water and help your plants resist droughts.

Proper Grouping of Plants

We categorize plants to select those that require frequent watering to retain thirsty but beautiful plants in the yards while sparing water. Plants that require regular watering must be within a close reach for efficient watering. We set such lawns perfectly to ensure you have plants that require much water at a close range. With such an arrangement, you will water a section of your yard, unlike the rest of the lawn containing droughts tolerant plants.

Combine Hardscape Materials and Drought Tolerance Plants

Our experts blend hardscapes with favorable plants to bring varieties and help you save water in your lawns. We can install boulders between plants and set up pavements in sections where you could have grass. Large hardscape objects like water features or fountains can be a good idea to implement. Our experts will design water fountains that recycle and reuse the same amount of water to ensure your yards remain green throughout the seasons.