Why More Consumers Are Paying For Xeriscape Landscape Design In El Dorado Hills CA

Xeriscaping is currently the leading choice in landscaping across many California areas and there are certainly good reasons why. Many households can attribute as much as 50 percent of their monthly water use to maintaining their yards. The environmental and economical costs of maintaining turf-rich outdoor areas are simply too high. Keep reading to find out why xeriscape landscape design in El Dorado Hills CA is popular.

To start, it is without a doubt the best choice for the environment in the region. More often than not, xeriscaping is almost entirely reliant upon native plant species. This eliminates the potential for non-native pests and ensures that the plants used in this process remain hearty and robust throughout all seasons. They are also more resilient when it comes to natural predators and naturally competing growths.

During times of drought, lots of homes start to look less than their best. As their lawns and other outdoor features die off, their curbside appeal dramatically declines. With xeriscaping, these and a number of functional problems can be avoided. When rains returns, your plants will have excellent, living root systems that are capable of preventing soil erosion.

As a low water usage backyard designer, we also tell our clients just how cost-effective xeriscaping can be both now and in the future. When you account for the problems it prevents and resolved in terms of pets and erosion, and the greatly decreased need for water use, you’ll have a lot more money left over. This means being able to add other outdoor features or invest in other forms of home improvement.

Working with desert landscapers when you live in a naturally desert biome just makes good sense. We install landscaping that’s right for the local environment and that’s robust enough on its own to survive in the California climate. If you want to know more about who we are and what we do, call Greenheart Landscape Design and Construction today!