Finding A Xeriscape Landscape Contractor In El Dorado Hills CA

Living in an arid region does not have to mean that your landscape suffers. With just a bit of planning and some help from the regional experts, you can create something that you’ll truly be happy with. For a xeriscape landscape contractor in El Dorado Hills CA you can trust, we’ve got some great plans for your property.

You’ll want to try some plants that generally do need to be irrigated. In fact, there are a number of plants that do extremely well in arid regions, including cacti, palms, and a variety of sage brushes. There are several ground-covers that grow only a few inches high but will nevertheless remain vibrant and green during the whole year.

When you are first planning an overhaul of your property, you’ll want to measure the square footage so that you know how much ground you’ll have to cover. Breaking up the terrain with some rock gardens can be quite pleasant. These rock gardens should fit in tastefully when they are done with the right design.

There are a number of things you can do to increase the water retention in your soil. Using mulch can keep water in the soil and prevent it from evaporating, which will be excellent for the plants. We can choose the best quality mulch for your particular area.

When you are embarking on a xeriscaping project, we’ll help you bring your ideas to fruition. We’ll work with you on the design phase until everything has been taken care of. We’ll also be perfectly capable of giving you a price quote up front.

When redoing your landscape in a dry area, you’ll need to think outside the box a little bit. With plenty of experience, we can do the job right. You’ll be very happy with the lay of the land when all has been completed.