Find Out Why Having A Pre-Home-Purchase Landscape Consultation Performed Is So Important

When you buy a new home, there are countless considerations to make. This is especially true if the outdoor spaces have yet to be graded, landscapes, or tended to in any other way. At Go Greenheart Landscape Design and Construction, we’re committed to helping property buyers save money, reach their goals, and create beautiful, enduring, and ultimately sustainable yards. Read on to find out why scheduling a pre-home-purchase landscape consultation is so important.

Every homeowner should understand the cost of a landscape project prior to purchasing a new home. If you have a very clear idea of how you want your outdoor areas to look, you definitely want to schedule a new home landscape consultation in El Dorado Hills CA. Doing so in advance will help you map out an accurate budget for this expense. This way, you aren’t taking on surprising costs just after paying for closing and all other purchase-related fees.

For those who are custom building their own homes, these consults play an important role in protecting their assets. This is a great way to learn more about the potential for soil erosion, excessive dryness and high fire risks, drainage, and more. When concerns like these exist, it’s also vital to allocate larger sums of money for mitigating them. Our team can show you money-saving strategies that provide amazing results both now and in the future.

In these areas, it’s also important to account for the potential for prolonged periods of drought. We can implement designs that incorporate native plant species and other hearty elements that thrive in the natural climate. We can even leverage a few eye-catching hardscaping strategies that protect your home, allow for good drainage, prevent erosion, and require absolutely no water or maintenance.

Failing to prepare for this portion of your purchase can actually leave you in a bad position with your homeowners’ association. This is definitely something to consider if your land is subject to CC&Rs or any other covenants or agreements. You may be required to have a perfectly landscaped and well-kept yard put in within a specified amount of time after your transaction is complete. If these requirements exist, failing to meet them can result in additional fees and other painful penalties.