Searching for a Sustainable Landscaping Contractor in El Dorado Hills, CA?

A lot of people think that this water usage isn’t an important topic when it comes to landscaping, but in reality, our California environment does not sustain the amount of water we have become accustomed to using in this region. The water departments throughout California have been gradually reducing our subsidized water bills and requiring that we pay for the actual amount of the water we are consuming and the runoff/sewage that is generated as a result. In some areas, this has already been enforced, causing expensive water bills in El Dorado County and beyond.

It is important for homeowners to consider the long term effects of having a yard that unnecessarily consumes a lot of water.

It may seem attractive to install a large sod area because it is cool to the eye and gives good curb appeal but this only looks good if you are able to water the yard liberally! If you are unable to water due to water usage restrictions, you will suffer the unsightly look of a dead lawn. This does not make a very good first impression. The reason lawn/sod areas are so prevalent in most american landscapes is that it is less expensive to install, doesn’t require any design and it gives the property curb appeal. That is why developers often choose this material without a second thought. It looks nice and it is inexpensive to install. However, this is not a responsible way to landscape in the California region. It just pushes the cost of the maintenance onto the homeowner.

There is ongoing cost of mowing and blowing, which requires using other resources (gasoline, electricity), adds noise pollution to our environment, and adds the expense of having the debris generated removed by truck to a dump site. By having a big green grassy area you are essentially: wasting water, generating extra sewage, polluting the environment with all the fertilizers used to keep it nice and green, adding noise pollution when the sod needs mowing and blowing, spending money or time to maintain it (mow and blow) and insulting the environment one last time to transport the debris to a dump site. Wow! That makes very little sense.

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